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Join our tenant panels and have a say on on the issues that matter to you and your neighbours.

If you are interested in joining or you would like to ask us any questions, please call our Customer Engagement Team on 01604 837836 or e-mail

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The Tenants' Panel

Our Tenants' Panel needs people like you!

The Tenants' Panel is an over-arching tenant forum.  It will receive reports from the other Panels, will work in partnership with NPH and will pass on to the relevant Panel any issues they need to deal with. It will assist and inform NBC's formal monitoring of NPH's performance.

Why not join the NPH Tenants’ Panel and have the chance to act as a critical friend?  You will be able to work with both NPH, who have delegated responsibility to manage the housing stock and Northampton Borough Council, as landlord and its advisers.

You can make the difference in being involved with issues around the service delivery and things that matter most to you as tenants.  You can have a say in the service improvements, value for money and higher performance and quality standards.

The Tenants’ Panel members will receive appropriate training, information, advice and support to enable tenant members to be able to participate effectively.

If you are interested in joining the tenants' panel or would like more information, please call the customer engagement team on 01604 837836 or e-mail


Service Improvement Panels

Our Service Improvement Panels need people like you!

The Service Improvement Panels (otherwise known as SIPs) are made up by and led by NPH Tenants.  SIPs meet once a month with NPH employees to raise concerns, discuss improvement possibilities and make recommendations.   

There are a number of SIPs detailed below, each of them relating to a different area of service.  Each SIP will be able to make recommendations as to where improvements can be made.


This SIP will consider the ways that tenants can access NPH services and make recommendations for our printed, digital and face to face communications:

  • NPH Voice content
  • Checking our communications for plain English
  • How NPH will use digital channels and social media


This SIP will consider the processes that NPH use to notify tenants of arrears, rent increases, evictions and legislation or policy changes.  The group will also feedback on how NPH get value for money.


This SIP will consider the processes used to deal with planned repairs- visits by trades-persons, the reporting of urgent and non-urgent repairs as well as other emergencies.  


This panel will tackle issues that are raised on neighbourhoods and estates, such as:

  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • looking after the external environment and community areas
  • fly tipping
  • support provided to vulnerable tenants.


This group looks at our planned investment programme and how we will regenerate our estates.

If you are interested in joining one of our SIPs or would like more information, please call the customer engagement team on 01604 837836 or e-mail us.


The Tenant Scrutiny Panel

Our Tenant Scrutiny Panel needs people like you!

Could you be part of our Tenant Scrutiny Panel? A tenants' group that looks at how housing services operate and takes an in-depth look at NPH's policies and strategies.

If you have a strong interest in helping NPH to improve its services and can offer a commitment to attend meetings with other tenants and NPH employees, we want to hear from you. Full training and out of pocket expenses will be provided.


What they say?

“I joined the Scrutiny Panel to monitor NPH and make sure tenants receive a good service, and to suggest ways to make improvements" - Tenant, Zubeda.

“We wanted to give back to NPH as a thanks for all they did for us when we were in need" - Tenants, Mike & Gail


For more information on the application process, please call the customer engagement team on 01604 837836 or email


The Complaints Panel

Our Complaints Panel is now in place!

NPH is now working with customers to deal with complaints via the Complaints Panel.  The panel is made up of representatives from our tenant population, executive management team and NPH Board. This group works in line with our new complaints and feedback policy and the members have all been through an extensive training programme. We are really excited that our tenants are now directly involved in resolving complaints.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a member or would like to find out more, please call the customer engagement team on 01604 837836 or e-mail us.