Top of the trades

News Date: 
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The beast from the east didn’t stop Northampton Partnership Homes’ dedicated repairs team from reaching tenants in need of emergency assistance last week. They braved sub-zero temperatures and treacherous driving conditions to make sure that the homes they look after were kept safe and warm.

Dale, Jamie, Ryan and James (pictured above) worked from 8am until midnight to deal with the aftermath of such extreme weather conditions.

Ryan Durcan, NPH plumber, explained: “Sometimes the real problems start when everything thaws. We had a number of frozen pipes that burst, which caused flood damage and electrical problems that needed to be dealt with straight away. It wasn’t easy getting around in the vans because of all the problems on the road, but we all just wanted to get to the tenants who needed help.”

Between them, the lads got to around 50 homes over the weekend supported by their team leader who gave advice to another 80 worried tenants over the phone.