Shopping for Household items

News Date: 
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Introducing Homekind and Harvest Money

Homekind and Harvest Money are working with NPH to provide fair pricing and financial advice if you are buying household items.


Homekind are an online retailer and not-for-profit company which sell quality furniture, electrical items and white goods for your home. They work with housing organisations and Credit Unions across the UK to provide items that are priced fairly, that include further information on what you are paying for, and if you need it, how to borrow money responsibly to pay for your item.

Homekind also work with Credit Unions who help apply for an affordable loan.

To visit Homekind's shop head to:

Harvest Money

Harvest Money is the new name for the Northamptonshire Credit Union. They help with creating savings accounts and applying for an affordable loan.

For more information visit their new website –

If you ever find you are having financial difficulty, or cannot pay your rent, please contact us on 0300 330 7003. Our Rent Income Team can help.