Report a repair

Report a Repair

On this page report a non-urgent repair in your home and find out how to contact NPH in the event of an emergency repair.

Report a non-urgent repair

Emergency Repairs

Your repair is an emergency if:

  • there is immediate danger to you or persons in the property
  • there is risk of flooding or risk of major damage to the property
  • it is required to make the property secure
  • you lose the heating in the property (between 31 October – 1 May).

We aim to respond to an emergency repair within 24 hours.

Contact us by telephone on 0300 330 7003 or 01604 837999 (if outside of office hours) to report the repair. When you call please provide us with as much information as possible on the repair.

Urgent Repairs

Your repair is urgent if:

  • there are full or partial sanitation problems (treatment and disposal of waste)
  • there is no water, electrical supply or heating
  • there is risk of immediate damage to the property
  • there is a possible health, safety or security risk
  • there is a serious inconvenience to the household.

You will need to contact us by telephone to ensure that we can make an appointment to carry out your repair within 7 days.  

How to contact us

You can report an emergency repair by calling our Repairs Team on 0300 330 7003 between 09:00 and 17:00.

For emergencies outside of office hours, you can call 01604 837999.

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What you can expect from us

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for the outside of your property, the main structure of the building and any fittings and appliances we originally supplied. We are also responsible for pipes, wiring, heating systems, drainage, power and light fittings and any fittings or facilities in communal areas.

In the garden we are responsible for any fences, walls, outbuildings, sheds or coal bunkers that were originally put up by NPH (or Northampton Borough council previously)  plus the main paths from the boundary of your property to your front and back door.  All repairs are carried out by our own workforce or by specialist contractors selected by us from an approved list.

By law we must also carry out an annual safety check and service of your gas supply. This check is done for us by a specialist contractor.  We also carry out ongoing maintenance work to the outside of properties. The programme is agreed in consultation with tenants and we ensure we do the most important work first.

Our response times

Emergency repairs - We will complete the repair at the time if we can. If we cannot we will make the situation safe and carry out any follow up work as an urgent or routine repair.

Urgent repairs -  We respond to urgent repairs within 7 days. Urgent repairs include work to restore full or partial failure of sanitation, water or electrical supply, prevent immediate damage to the property, overcome serious inconvenience to the household or where there is a possible health, safety or security risk. 

Non-urgent (routine) repairs - We complete these within a maximum of 30 days. Non-urgent repairs could be day-to-day things that are unlikely to cause danger or damage to your home e.g. replacing an internal door.

You can find more information about the types of repairs above, along with examples, in our repairs handbook.

Repairs you are responsible for

Some minor repairs are your reponsibility. You are expected to do these yourself or arrange and pay to get them done. These include:

  • replacing keys or locks when keys are lost or stolen or when you get you get locked out ( including garages and outbuildings)
  • trying to clear blockages in basins, sinks baths or toilets
  • decorating
  • resetting trip switches
  • replacing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes
  • putting up tv aerials and satellite dishes ( only with our permission)
  • maintaining garden paths ( except any that lead from the boundary gate to the front and back doors) 
  • replacing clothes lines and rotary driers (unless for communal use)
  • replacing plugs and chains in baths, sinks and basins
  • replacing handles and latches to doors and kitchen units
  • adjusting doors when new carpets and laminate floorings have been fitted
  • testing and cleaning smoke detectors
  • fitting waste supply pipework and vents for washing machines
  • keeping your gully grids clear of leaves
  • replacing door knockers, bells or security chains
  • replacing toilet seats and flush chains