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Northampton Partnership Homes are proposing to submit a number of planning applications for new homes across Blackthorn. The sites of these plans are on under utilised garage blocks in the area.

The location of these proposed developments are:

  • Garage site 1-7 Greatmeadow Court
  • Garage site 8-15 Greatmeadow Court
  • Garage site 16-21 Greatmeadow Court
  • Garage site 22-27 Greatmeadow Court
  • Garage site 28-35 Greatmeadow Court
  • Garage site 9-18 Maidencastle
  • Garage site 19-22 Maidencastle
  • Garage site 32-34 Maidencastle
  • Garage site 35-44 Maidencastle
  • Garage site 13-14 Pikemead Court
  • Garage site 25-36 Croftmeadow Court
  • Garage site 45-48 Collmead Court
  • Garage site 57-58 Nether Jackson Court
  • Garage site 71-76 Hopmeadow Court
  • Garage site 77-78 Hopmeadow Court
  • Garage site 79-80 Hopmeadow Court
  • Garage site 89-94 Paddock Mill Court
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Value for Money means making savings where we can, but also getting the maximum benefit from our resources to improve our services for residents.

We have published our Value for Money statement for the year 2017-18.

You can read it by clicking on the attachment below.

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Explains the appeal process in more detail

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Read the latest NPH Voice, housing news for tenants and leaseholders.

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Read and book onto the latest training courses with NPH.